(#15-40238) [ To be argued before the Fifth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals, Friday, Apr. 17, 2015]

Date: April 13, 2015

On Behalf of the Academy of Catholic Hispanic Theologians of the United States:

As we affirmed in our June 7, 2006 public statement on Just, Comprehensive, and Humane Immigration Reform: “We, the Academy of Catholic Hispanic Theologians of the United States (ACTHUS), stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters, the undocumented immigrants in this nation. In faithfulness to the Gospel of Christ and the social teachings of the Catholic Church, we affirm the dignity of all human beings, regardless of national origin, and we call for just, comprehensive, and humane immigration reform” (http://achtus.latinocatholic.com/news/).

ACHTUS is an association of scholars dedicated to promoting research and critical theological reflection within the context of the U.S. Catholic Hispanic experience. One component of ACHTUS’s mission is to accompany the Hispanic communities of the United States. In keeping with this mission, we pray that the injunction that halted the implementation of President Obama’s Executive Action programs for deportation relief is lifted, and that our political leaders work to pass just and humane comprehensive immigration reform legislation.