The Academy of Catholic Hispanic 
of the United States 

2024 ACHTUS Colloquium


U.S. Hispanic communities of the United States, helping to critically discern the movement of the Spirit in their historical journey.


the faith experience of the
people within their historical,
socio-economic, political and cultural contexts.


Interdisciplinary scholarly collaboration.


resources, instruments and a professional network to develop a U.S. Hispanic teología de conjunto.


Hispanics currently engaged in theological research and studies.

From Our Members

“ACHTUS has allowed me to grow in my craft as a practical theologian and hone my ministerial skills by attending to the voices often silenced or marginalized in the church, the academy, and society. My scholarship and ministry continue to be enriched by participating in the ACHTUS colloquia and by collaborating with many companeros/as/xs y amigos/as/xs en la lucha.”

Dr. Francisco Castillo

Senior Editor and Multicultural Specialist, RCL Benziger

One reason why I decided to continue my education is for the opportunities this will bring to my work and journey with my Latinx community in the  church. I managed to overcome and thrive just as many others have. I have seen my story in many of the ACHTUS members and found guidance, encouragement, and friendship in those who paved the way for Latinx voices and those who have continued their work.”

Christina Castillo, MA

PMFP Regional Coordinator, Diocese of San Bernardino

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