The Academy of Catholic Hispanic Theologians of the United States is an association of scholars dedicated to promoting research and critical theological reflection within the context of the U.S. Hispanic experience.
While influenced by other theologies, the articulation of the faith experience of U.S. Hispanics is a distinct theological enterprise whose depth and richness remain largely untapped by the Church.  The urgency of providing a theological voice for the lived faith of U.S. Hispanics is further underscored by the rapidly increasing demographic significance of the U.S. Hispanic population.
In order to accomplish its mission, ACHTUS seeks to:
Accompany the Hispanic communities of the United States, helping to critically discern the movement of the Spirit in their historical journey.
Thematize the faith experience of the people within their historical, socio-economic, political and cultural contexts.
Encourage interdisciplinary scholarly collaboration.
Create resources, instruments and a professional network to develop a U.S. Hispanic teología de conjunto.

Support Hispanics currently engaged in theological research and studies.