Call for 2022 Posters and Portman Early Research and Teaching Pedagogy Awards

Members who are not delivering a paper are invited to propose a visually compelling poster. Posters are a wonderful way for members to introduce current research interests, to share preliminary findings on ongoing research projects, or to share pedagogical methods or techniques developed to teach Latinx biblical studies, spirituality, theology (in all its sub-disciplines), history of Christianity, theological ethics, or pastoral care. Poster presentations offer a great way to network with others who are interested in similar subject areas.

Proposals for posters are due by Monday, January 10, 2022. Accepted poster proposals will be notified Monday, January 17, 2022. Posters will be listed in the program and will remain on display throughout the colloquium. Their authors will be expected to stand next to them to discuss their contents with participants who come visit during a thirty-minute poster session. Please include your name, institutional affiliation, draft title, the poster’s main concept or insight (40 words or less), an abstract (400 words or less), and identify the type of poster you will present (original research, theory development, critical literature review, case study, pedagogical method or technique, pastoral care method or technique). Only individually-authored proposals will be considered. Submit your proposals using the form below. Please note that only members whose current dues have been paid may submit a proposal. If they are not members, doctoral students whose proposals are accepted will be required to apply for admission to the Academy.

Up to twenty poster proposals will be accepted. Up to four of those are reserved for doctoral students (Ph.D., Th.D., D.Min.) who are at any point in their training, including course work. The criteria for selection are originality, timeliness, alignment with the conference theme, and academic quality (coherence of the proposal, clearly articulated main concept or insight, and scholarly, pastoral, or pedagogical significance). Note that the poster presenter is responsible for printing and bringing their poster to the colloquium. Posters should be no larger than three feet by two feet. NYU Libraries have a helpful guide on how to create research posters. You may access that guide here. More information will be made available to those whose projects are accepted.

Authors of the accepted poster proposals will each receive a Portman Early Research Award or a Portman Teaching Pedagogy Award of $200.00 after their participation in the poster session is complete. Recipients of the award will also have their lodging on campus paid for.

Submissions for Poster Proposals are now Closed