2023 Call for Papers

Following the theme, the colloquium welcomes Latinx research in biblical studies, spirituality, theology (in all its sub-disciplines), history of Christianity, theological ethics, and pastoral care that explores Hegemon: the formal and informal legacies of empire in Latiné and Latin American theology.

“Empire” is a theme that has been threading its way through the work of theologians and scholars of religion. Our colloquium welcomes papers about the complex legacies of hegemonic political powers, both ancient and modern, and their legacies in Latiné and Latin American theology. The term Latiné was selected on the advice of members as the best term to encompass U.S. Hispanic, Latinx, mujerista, Chican@, persons. The treatment of “empire” need not be limited to papers examining the legacies of historical empires or current political economic powers. Papers dealing with theological, philosophical, cultural, or ideological hegemonies, which hold a position of ascendancy or predominance, and could exclude or suppress rival ideas, both inside and outside the Catholic Church or Christian churches in general are welcome.

Proposals for papers are due by Friday, December 2, 2022. Authors of the accepted paper proposals will be notified by end of January 2023. Please include your name, institutional affiliation, draft title, thesis statement (in a single sentence of 40 words or less), abstract (400 words or less), and identify the main sources to be used (100 words or less). Both individual and paired conjunto proposals will be considered. Submit your proposals using the form below. Please note that only members whose current dues have been paid may submit a proposal. If they are not members, doctoral students whose proposals are accepted will be required to apply for admission to the Academy.

The criteria for selection are originality, timeliness, alignment with the conference theme, and academic quality. Academic quality means: coherence of the argument, clearly articulated methodology, scholarly significance, and manageability of the topic within a 25 to 35-page paper (6,250 to 8,750 words, including footnotes, double-spaced, Times New Roman font size 12, one-inch margin). 

Authors of accepted proposals must commit to submitting a 25-35 page paper draft by Monday, May 29, 2023. Complete drafts must use the “Style Guidelines” of the Journal of Hispanic/Latino Theology (the Journal from hereon), which you may access via the ACHTUS website or by clicking here. The draft will then be shared with colloquium participants.  Authors commit to submitting the final version of their papers as 25 to 35-page articles (6,250 to 8,750 words, including footnotes, double spaced) to the editor of the Journal by Monday, August 1, 2023. The Journal has right of first refusal. If refusal occurs, participants may submit their research to the journal of their choosing.