2014 Colloquium

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ACHTUS Colloquium 2014 | Preliminary Schedule by Jorge A. Aquino, ACHTUS President-Elect

June 1-4, 2014 | Wyndham San Diego Bayside Hotel | San Diego, California


Redressing ‘A Queer Omission’

A Colloquium to Advance Latino/a Catholic Reflection on Sexuality


Sunday June 1

9:00AM-4:00PM: ACHTUS Board Meeting

6:00-7:00PM: Welcome and Opening Worship

7:00-9:00PM: Reception & Installation of ACHTUS President


Monday June 2

8:30-8:45AM: Morning Prayer


9:00-10:30AM: ‘Engendering Religious Identity: Marianismo, Catholic Role Models, and Sexuality’

Socorro Castañeda-Liles (University of Santa Clara): ‘Shame in the Name of God: An Invitation to (Re)member the Latina Body’

Wendy M. Arce (Graduate Theological Union): ‘Latina Sexuality, Religion and the Media: Old Gender Roles, New Possibilities’

Claudia H. Herrera (St. Thomas University): ‘Rethinking Lo Cotidiano through the Lenses of Catholic Latinas in their 20’s: A New Marianismo?’

Ana María Pineda (Santa Clara University): Moderator


10:30-11:00AM: Break


11:00AM-12:30PM: ‘Queer Theory as Source & Horizon for Latin@ Catholic Religious Reflection’

Robyn Henderson-Espinosa (University of Denver): ‘Queering Mestizaje: Toward a MezQueerTaje Reality’

Manuel Villalobos (Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary): ‘Queering God’s Household at 1 Timothy: Timothy as “Macho-Menos”’

Melissa Pagán Rubalcaba (Emory University): ‘Los Indocumentad@s and Latin@ Catholicism: The Body Politics of Gender, Sexuality and Race in the Roman Catholic Tradition’

Jeannette ‘Lil Milagro’ Henríquez (Graduate Theological Union): ‘Queering the ‘Crucified People’: Ignacio Ellacuría and Violence Against LGBTQIQQ Communities

Peter Anthony Mena (Occidental College): Moderator


12:30-2:30PM: Lunch


2:30-4:00PM: ‘Chican@ Theory as Source & Horizon for Latin@ Catholic Religious Reflection’

Laura E. Pérez (University of California, Berkeley): ‘Catholic Altarities in Chicana Art’

Luis León (University of Denver): ‘Queer(y)ing La Causa: Cesar Chavez’s LGBT Activism’

Pedro di Pietro (University of California, Berkeley): ‘Sideways Selves: New Mestizas, Embodiment, and Subaltern s/Spiritualities’

Jacqueline M. Hidalgo (Williams College): Moderator


4:00-4:30PM: Break

4:30PM-6:00PM: ACHTUS Business Meeting


Tuesday June 3

8:30-8:45AM: Morning Prayer


9:00-10:30AM: ‘Borderlands: The Sexual Nepantla’

A testimonial panel of / on sexually targeted migrants: persons afflicted with HIV/AIDS; refugees persecuted for their sexual identities; transgender border-crossers; sex workers who relocate to the United States.

Orlando O. Espín (University of San Diego): Moderator


10:30-11:00AM: Break


11:00AM-12:30PM: ‘Holy Orders or Wholly Other? Gender and Authority in Catholicism’

• Theresa Yugar (Claremont Graduate University): ‘Roman Catholic Women in North America: A New Model of Ordained Ministry’

• Testimonios:

Altagracia Pérez

Rosa Manríquez, IHN

Jennifer S. Hughes (University of California, Riverside)

• Natalia Imperatori-Lee (Manhattan College): Moderator


12:30-2:30PM: Lunch

2:30-4:00PM:  General ACHTUS Membership Business Meeting

6:00-10:00PM: Reception, Awards Banquet, and Presidential Address


Wednesday June 4

8:00-8:45AM: ACHTUS Board Meeting – New ACHTUS Board Members


9:00-11:00AM: Enlaces Colloquy

• James B. Nickoloff (Barry University): ‘Redressing the “Queer Omission”: Liberating Latino/a Reflections on Sexuality’


11:00AM: Closing Benediction and Departures